Autism Online Academy

NEW!!  Do you want to learn about the immunology of autism in a group setting? Melinda’s online academy is just like learning in a college class but happens in a Facebook group, at a fraction of her one-on-one consulting prices.  The group will be highly structured, and one day each month will be set up for each participant to submit their question. Melinda will answer the questions in a Sound Cloud or recorded video file to view at your convenience.  Melinda does a monthly video teaching and also to reviews individual issues for the group to learn from on an application-only basis. This is an outstanding opportunity to be mentored by a parent who has successfully healed her child by addressing hidden infections and immune system health.  

What parents are saying:

  • "Your information, encouragement and support is priceless!!!" Thank you so much."  S.N.                                   
  • "Thank you for taking the time to do Autism Online Academy. I have learned so much and I know what questions to ask doctors." D.S.
  • "This lady is a god send!" L.B.
  • "I love the format!" M.P.
  • "I'm grateful you are offering this course!" C.H.                                    

Who should buy this package:  

  • Parents who have a newly diagnosed child or suspect their child has autism or a related disorder
  • Parents who want to understand why autism is much more than a developmental or behavioral issue
  • Parents whose children are not getting better after DAN!-type interventions
  • Parents who want to be taught the questions to ask their doctor to help their child reach their maximum potential
  • Parents who have read "A Parent's Guide to the Common Immune System Issues in Autism Spectrum Disorder" by Dr. Sharma and have questions.
  • If you are already getting the help you need, this group is NOT for you.
Autism 101 Online Academy Monthly
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Membership is from the day of payment for one month. If you enjoy the group, you must purchase it again to remain a member.
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