A Book Worth Reading: "I Know You're In There - Winning Our War Against Autism" by Marcia Hinds


Marcia and Frank Hinds enjoyed a wonderful, dynamic relationship, full of laughter. They had a beautiful, three year old daughter and thus were experienced parents. Their second child, Ryan, came along and was quite different, but why? Was it because he was a boy? Was it because he was the second child in a busy household? In the first part of this book, Marcia transparently shares the challenges of having a child who demanded so much more, and needed so much more than her daughter. Was he a genius? It certainly seemed like it. Ryan was also frequently ill, needing tubes in his ears as an infant and lots of antibiotics. But in the late 1980’s and early 90’s, the internet was not mainstream, there was no April Autism Awareness or Light it Up Blue campaign, no secret Facebook groups chatting day and night about how to cope. Autism certainly wasn’t the epidemic then that we know today. Who knew about autism? Well, there were a few people. Most of them had a grim outlook and gave grave predictions about Ryan’s future. Bernard Rimland answered his own phone, and the DAN! movement had just begun. And Dr. Michael Goldberg was beginning to hypothesize that autism was really an illness resulting from a dysfunctional immune system. Which doctor would help Ryan, who was becoming more and more exclusive and isolated in a family that was scorned by the rest of the world?

This book is so candid. Right from the beginning, you will be nodding your head in understanding, perhaps in tears relating, to what is the struggle that we all share. First, the painful realization that something isn’t quite right, and then seeking help, scouring the earth, seeking a ray of hope that recovery might be possible.

Marcia Hinds’ book is a must read, for you, for your parents, for anyone that you want to understand what you have gone through, what you are still going through. Ryan’s recovery is proof that autism doesn’t have to be a life-sentence. Ryan’s recovery confirms that it is not just about IEP’s and therapy, and it is not just about the unraveling the medical causes…it is about intensively working at both.

Moreover, it beautifully describes the valiant effort required by a family who would never give up because occasionally, they saw a glimpse of their Ryan, who was in there all along.

I encourage you to read, “I Know You’re In There”, to fan the flame of hope. We all need a little bit of encouragement. Sometimes we need a lot. Sometimes, we need to ask someone who has been there. Let Marcia take your hand, be your guide, and show you how they, as a family, triumphed over autism.

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