Raising Your Family Confidently, With Safe Medicine and Common Sense

Homeopathy Kit
Homeopathy Kit

Check out my new page, "Mom's Toolbox",  for all the products you'll need to take care of your family with homeopathy! If you have a child with chronic illness, you have probably spent a great deal of time wondering how it happened. How did you start off with a healthy baby and end up, just a few years later, with a diagnosis, therapy, your bank account depleted and an uncertain future? Science and medicine have not been able to definitively answer that question. But, the prevailing hypotheses point to some combination of genetic predisposition, environment, and timing.  Many early insults lead to autism, eczema, allergies, or asthma, while later insults lead to ADHD, PANDAS/PANS or autoimmunity.

The Problem of Side Effects

Most of us have relied on conventional, allopathic medicine from pre-pregnancy and kept every well baby appointment after the delivery. In reality, these well child visits were actually treatment visits, and they may have started in the newborn nursery.  If you were like me, you followed the pediatrician’s instructions, and pre-medicated with Tylenol (acetaminophen) before every vaccine appointment, and used Tylenol at the first indication of fever or teething discomfort. Stamped at the top of my paperwork at every well child visit were the exact doses of Tylenol and Motrin for my son’s age and weight. For fever, the instructions were to alternate acetaminophen and ibuprofen, around the clock.  Fifteen years later, we have data that liver sulfation, a mechanism of detoxification, is impaired by acetaminophen, and glutathione, a key protector from toxicity, is depleted. This is implicated in asthma and autism. While not conclusively proven yet in large scale studies, the point is that we as parents take for granted the safety of over-the-counter as well as prescription medicines, when they actually have many side effects.  Add this to the genetic unknowns and you have no idea what delicate systems are being strained, suppressed, or inhibited.

Homeopathy Helps the Body Heal Itself

In the field of homeopathy, acute conditions are treated with safe, highly diluted medicines or “remedies” that gently nudge the body in the direction of uprooting symptoms. The body then heals itself.  The word uproot is a key contrast here, because in allopathic medicine, the mechanism is suppression of symptoms.  Homeopathy is impressive in acute situations, such as bruises, fevers, stomach aches and nausea, especially in children. I have witnessed this firsthand with my own children and have read too many testimonials to attribute the effects to coincidence.

What happens when we chronically suppress symptoms with drugs and antibiotics is that eventually, issues become chronic.  The high fever that was trying to rid the body of microbes is suppressed by medicine. The ear infection returns again and again, but the gut microenvironment is altered by repeated courses of antibiotics. The eczema suppressed by the steroid cream returns with a vengeance. You may be surprised to learn that homeopathy, when remedies are well-chosen, can even uproot chronic disease. It takes time and patience, but it does work, and it works with more velocity for children.

Homeopathic remedies have been around for a long time, and are even FDA approved medicines. They are used around the globe to treat diverse conditions, ranging from colic, fevers and teething to diabetes, cancer and AIDS. Remedies are surprisingly inexpensive, and with a little investment of time, you can learn to employ them to heal yourself, your child, your pets, anyone in your care.

Use Homeopathy with Guidance from a Seasoned Homeopath

So, how can you add homeopathy to your life when takes years of study? Fortunately, there is a seasoned homeopath who is on a mission to empower mothers, fathers, and caretakers to use homeopathy with confidence in acute and chronic situations.  Her name is Joette Calabrese, and I have spent many hours learning from her and engaging her in my own child’s care.  I am truly impressed at the depth and breadth of her knowledge, and am introducing you to her because of her commitment and talent for teaching mothers and others the power of healing.  As a scientist, I admit that I don’t understand exactly how homeopathy works. But as a former researcher, I also recognize that we are limited by our belief systems to what we open our minds and budgets to decide to study. The earth once was flat, remember?

Homeopathy, Allopathic Medicine and Common Sense

I have the utmost respect for physicians and all those in health care who dedicate their lives to helping others.  Of course, there is a place for allopathic medicine and one should always use common sense, especially in acute, emergency situations.  Homeopathy and allopathic medicine are not mutually exclusive. You can be administering remedies on the way to the hospital for a broken bone, or an allergic reaction. I am not painting a black- and-white, all-or-nothing choice.  The current problem, and the rationale for devoting an entire newsletter to this topic, is that most physicians do not understand autism, and you don’t have time to wait until they do. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, medical treatment for autism is likely to become less accessible through insurance, because it is defined as developmental, behavioral or psychiatric.

Homeopathy treats symptoms, and they can be as simple as “my child has a rash and it’s worse when he has gluten” or “My child has delayed milestones, anxiety, and temper tantrums.” And many of you worry and ask me how you can help avoid chronic illness in your other children, or those who have yet to be born.  This is the reason my compass is pointing toward homeopathy. It is an inexpensive tool in the hands of the only expert on your child (you) and you always know best.

Check out my new page, "Mom's Toolbox",  for all the products you'll need to take care of your family with homeopathy!