Get Customized Guidance to Help Your Child Now

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to help your child? Are you lost in the maze of conflicting information and therapies? Are you wondering how to fit them into the reality of your daily life?

No one knows your child and your family like you do. And there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. You need someone who:

  • will listen to you
  • who won't try to fit your child into a canned program
  • knows the science
  • and has successfully used it to help not only her own children but many others.

Schedule a one-time, complimentary 20 minute call with Melinda to discuss how she can help you.

Then, if you choose to work with Melinda, choose one of these consultation options:

One-time 50 minute consultation session - $50.00

Consult with Melinda via Phone, Skype or Facetime and received customized guidance to help you help your child.

50-minute consultation with video feedback - $65.00

For this call, you will be asked to send a 10-minute DVD, YouTube or Facebook link of your child in various settings. This provides more detail of their strengths and challenges.

Need more time? - $40.00

Follow up phone sessions are available at your convenience.

A package of 4 sessions is also available - $150.00

Use these sessions when you need them As your child progresses When you have questions or need clarification

Doctor Referral - no charge

Click Contact Us, fill out the form, indicate your general geographic area and a physician's name and contact information will be emailed to you.