Homeopathy Courses

Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.
— Mahatma Ghandi

I have been using classical homeopathy with my family for over ten years.

Attracted to the safe and gentle way homeopathic remedies act, when they are well-chosen, I knew I wanted it for my family. I purchased a homeopathic first aid kit because it seemed like a good thing to have but I never knew what to do with it!

There was one big problem with that.

There was no one to teach me, to empower me to use homeopathic remedies with confidence. And I most certainly had no time to read and study while meeting the extreme demands of daily life with a child who had autism.

To make sure you don’t get caught in the same place I did, I want to introduce you to Joette Calabrese.

I first heard about Joette from a woman whose four year-old son had been cured of his autism by a single remedy from Joette, in conjunction with dietary changes. I was astounded, but skeptical. However, the more I explored Joette’s work, spoke with her, engaged her in my own son’s care, and then began taking her classes, I knew that she was extraordinary.

Joette lived the physical nightmare that we live with our kids. She suffered from chronic fatigue and allergies. Her reactions to perfumes and chemicals left her unable to work. Before the days of the internet, she was reduced to eating only 8 foods. Through homeopathy she was healed completely, and later, Joette’s training as a classical homeopath helped her raise a drug-free family.

What many of us are missing in our journey with all of our kids (and not just those with labels) is the ability to confidently care for them without the use of over-the-counter and prescription medications.

So we reach for Tylenol for the slightest fever or sign of discomfort from teething. We take Motrin, allergy medications and antibiotics. We now know that Tylenol (acetaminophen) inhibits glutathione, so all of those times we pre-medicated before a vaccine appointment, we were literally inhibiting the system designed to protect the body. We use medication with significant side effects in order to suppress symptoms.

What happens when you squeeze one side of a water balloon? It bulges on the other side. That is the image of traditional medication-suppression of symptoms.

In contrast, with homeopathy, the body is gently stimulated to uproot (not suppress) disease, and thereby heal itself.

For first aid events, like a fever, nausea, a bee sting, or a bruise from a fall, homeopathy is amazingly quick. My daughter tripped over the edge of a carpet and severely twisted her ankle, which swelled immediately and was turning black. With confidence, I reached for my homeopathic first aid kit and selected Arnica Montana.

Incredibly she stopped crying and the swelling stopped. Within the hour, she was up and hopping, running around on that ankle that before was twisted and painful to the slightest touch and movement. Later, there was no sign whatsoever of a bruise or swelling.

In the case of chronic diseases like autism, gut issues, eczema, anger, lack of achieving milestones, and behaviors, these have evolved over time and do take time to resolve. But classical homeopathy may be able to help.

Homeopathy is used by the British Royal Family, widely in India, and works under conditions of abject poverty, where changes in diet are either impractical or impossible due to poverty or religious beliefs.

Joette brings a world-class knowledge of protocols that bring velocity to the healing process, by combining remedies learned from over 150 years of collective expertise of the Banerji family in their busy homeopathic clinic in India. They use multiple homeopathic remedies together to treat symptoms and achieve documented, reproducible success. The goal of the Banerji practice is to unite homeopathy with modern medicine, and Joette brings that knowledge to her students.

Joette empowers mothers with her expert teaching. Her protocols are clear, specific and easy. Her goal is for parents to be confident and bold in the treatment of kids, elders, even pets.

The main point is that there is an impressive collection of safe, inexpensive, FDA-approved and never-a-recall medicines that you can learn to use.

And homeopathy can help your child restore their health. The recovery from autism is typically a “managed recovery”. The kids may continue to have compromised immunity; they often still take medicine for viruses and yeast. The autism goes away, but the immune system weakness endures. There are even kids out there who were recovered and then relapsed.

I really believe homeopathy can help the body heal itself, and uproot any possibility of relapse. And I am here to give you the guides that you need to confidently and comfortably use homeopathy yourself, and importantly, to know when to seek the guidance of a seasoned practitioner.

Baby GrandeThis is for anyone who is planning a pregnancy and desires it to be as drug-free and as healthy as is prudently possible. A baby is a gift, and a woman should never be in fear. Joette will guide you through on how to take care of yourself with homeopathy – from curbing nausea, to avoiding stretch marks, all the way to a pain-free birth.

Available on a CD or as a download.

Bonus PackageIncludes the Baby Grande guide to pregnancy plus everything you need to care for your family, from First Aid, to flu protection, how-to’s that will show you ways protect your family with cell salts and homeopathic remedies. Also includes “You Too Can Protect From the Flu”: Influenza is the “new” world scare. But it isn’t daunting and can be treated safely at home  with this workbook when you have precise information that homeopathic MD’s the world over have known for centuries.

Cell Salts Double CDThe “easy homeopathy”, cell salts can be added to acute and chronic remedies. All the knowledge you need on how to use an often overlooked and potent aspect of homeopathy. In no time, you’ll be curing your family like a pro.

Cure Yourself and FamilyWhat do you do when you find a tree with beautiful fruit? You shake it and harvest the bounty! This is all you need. Treat fevers, colds, vomiting, menstrual issues, injuries and more with this popular workbook. Learn enough to care for your family without decades of study. Available as a workbook.

Good Gut Bad Gut: Treat chronic illnesses and all the ailments around the gut: colic, eczema, food intolerances, bloating, sugar addiction, allergies, constipation, diarrhea, meltdowns, behaviors, autism, ADHD, acne, and more!

Did you know there is a homeopathic remedy for mothers and fathers taking care of children with special needs?

This course consists of four, 2.5-hour live webcasts with Joette that are jam-packed with information, protocols and Q&A sessions. It’s amazing information your doctor doesn’t know and you can use right away! I highly recommend this course!!

Perform in the Storm: Discover how to use homeopathy in first aid situations. These strategies enable parents and caregivers to choose remedies with confidence, whether it be for a sunburn, a bee-sting, or a broken bone. Always being prudent, however, because sometimes these remedies should be administered on the way to a hospital.

Raising Your Family Drug Free: Written by a mom, for moms, to be shared for generations. This system is a blueprint to empower you to care for your family with homeopathy.

Twelve modules for twelve months of learning and live study! This is your GPS for your homeopathic journey! It covers babies, early childhood, teens, infections, emergencies – everything you need to know.

Secret Spoonfuls: Confessions of a Sneaky Mom, or How to get Healthy Foods into Your Kids Without Getting Caught: An experienced mom (Joette) divulges her “underground methods” for busy parents. How to make quality, nutrient-dense meals and keeping it simple. Kids need more than processed foods to keep their energy up and brains fueled. Boost health with whole foods instead of vitamins, without being overwhelmed by information. Note: Some fermented foods are included.

Skin, The Ugly TruthEverything you need to know for safe, effective treatment of skin ailments, chronic or acute, with Homeopathy.Very often, the skin is the first organ to show signs of systemic distress in children. Whether it be due to milk or other food allergy, laundry products or other environmental causes, skin is a red flag for immune system problems. These can be uprooted with homeopathy, instead of steroid creams or other pharmaceuticals and without the side effects.

Feminopathy-Homeopathy for females of all ages:  Little girls become women with unique health issues. From puberty on, healthy women are tampered with using birth control pills for acne, powerful medicines for nausea in pregnancy, all the way through and beyond menopause. If you are a woman caring for a child with special needs, this course will help you care for yourself using safe medicine and common sense.  Be there for your child, in your healthiest, most vigorous way possible…by taking care of you!

The Survivalist’s Guide to Homeopathy: We spend so much time just trying to get through a single day with our kids. Do you ever think about what would happen to your family if you lost power, access to medical care, or needed first aid urgently and no help were available? Some “preppers” have stockpiled antibiotics for such doomsday scenarios, weather emergencies or when “stuff hits the fan” in our unpredictable world.  No need to be frightened. This guide will show you what you need to care for your family, along with a stocked homeopathy kit.  No expiration dates, no dangerous medicines. Rest assured. Mom has this under control!

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