Dr. Sharma gets it. As parents of autistic children, we are sitting ducks for anything that could possibly help our kids. In time, our vulnerability turns to skepticism. We don’t know who to trust and worry if someone is just trying to make a quick buck off of our fears and misery. Dr. Sharma is one of the good guys who would go to any length to help a child. I have watched her go above and beyond over and over again for multiple families. I only have the highest respect and admiration for all she does to make our children reach their highest potential.”
— Marcia Hinds, author of "I Know You're In There: Winning our War Against Autism
It is my pleasure to offer a strong endorsement and recommendation to Dr. Melinda Sharma, whom I have known as a scientific colleague. She is a very thoughtful, intelligent and dedicated investigator who has applied her strong background in immunology to understanding the pathology and methods of treating neuro-immunological dysfunction, sometimes diagnosed as autism spectrum disorder. The scientific analysis and creativity that Dr. Sharma brings to her efforts to improve understanding and treatment in this area have proven both productive and inspiring to others.
— Maurice Zauderer, Ph.D., President & CEO, Vaccinex, Inc.
Thank you, you are amazing.
— A. P., New York, NY
You are a blessing to our family! We are grateful for you!
— S.P., Houston, TX