Sound Health® Music

Nourish Your Brain

Produce Profound and Wonderful Changes in Your Daily Life

A sophisticated combination of therapeutic benefit and artistic achievement, these masterful classical recordings are founded on the principle that music is an effective tool for enhancing health and well-being. Each is intended to complement specific activities, employing extensive scientific research and clinical study to achieve its intended effect. Creating a world of rich and varied soundscapes, Sound Health nourishes mind, body and soul.

Since I have been playing the Sound Health CD’s, I have noticed a big improvement in the level of calm, quiet work being done during assignment times. I find the faster tempo CDs great for motivation and productivity when I am working alone, but the fast tempo increased my children’s level of arousal too much for school time. These CD’s can be purchased individually or in packs of 4 or 8 directly from Sound Health®

I have found these CD’s beneficial to play during homeschool quiet seat work time:

  • Relaxation – Good for winding down, calming, massage, and quiet desk work
  • Learning – Works well for studying, memorizing, writing, calming, and focused attention
  • Concentration – Great to play when you want increased focus, problem solving, are doing research, and computer work

I also recommend:

  • De-Stress – This CD has a slower tempo and is great for calming down, going to sleep, therapeutic massage, and deep thought.
  • Productivity – The tempo is faster in this music. It’s good for mood elevation, increased alertness, household work, and getting the job done.

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