TLP Cloud: An entirely new way to access The Listening Program Online

Think of this version as TLP Lite

It is entirely subscription-based. You don't own any equipment and it's delivered entirely online.

What you get:

  • A Tomatis-based, web-delivered listening program
  • Establishes a healthy relationship with sound, replacing the continuous, stressed fright-or-flight response (ear covering, screaming, needing to flee from a group)
  • Calming, grounding, relaxing
  • Fully delivered online by monthly or yearly subscription - no CD's!
  • You have access to the latest TLP Spectrum technology delivered over the Internet.
  • It is great for teens or adults who like to use iPhones, iPads, and computers because they can listen anywhere they can access the Internet.
  • There is "intelligent programming" that allows you to tailor the program specifically to your child's personal needs.
  • Children (adults, too) want this program and ask for their listening daily!

Who should use TLP Cloud?

  • It's good for those who don't want to make a large financial commitment upfront
  • Kids who don't require a more intensive program such as TLP Spectrum
  • For people who don't need as much consultation
  • Anyone who doesn't want to commit to purchasing equipment and just wants to test-drive The Listening Program
  • Individual or family subscriptions, monthly or annual, are available online!

And if you do need help, I am still available via private consultation to assist you (click here for more information) .

Autism Spectrum GPS is a proud provider and user of TLP Cloud.