Why I’m Here…


I've been told numerous times that I must write about my journey. I'm a parent who knows real life with autism. If I had time to write a book, I know that you, who need help now, would be too exhausted to read it! But doctors, therapists, school administrators, neighbors and family members who have seen my child progress dramatically have asked me to assist other people. People often want someone else to fix the issue. After all, it is a medical problem and a parent might expect modern medicine to come along side them and provide answers. Unfortunately, this is a rare event! I am working to change that paradigm and inform physicians that they can do more than provide their sympathy and best wishes.

Many parents have heard of children recovering with the help of dietary changes and holistic modalities, but aren't sure where to begin. You need to trust the source of your information and have support to stick to changes that matter in healing.

I started Autism Spectrum GPS to encourage, support and give direction to parents seeking a strong, healthy foundation on which to build. If your child doesn't have the prerequisites for learning, I can help you help your child.

It is my pleasure to offer a strong endorsement and recommendation to Dr. Melinda Sharma whom I have known as a scientific colleague in a graduate research program in Immunology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and as an employee at a biotechnology company, Vaccinex, Inc. Dr. Sharma is a very thoughtful, intelligent and dedicated investigator who has applied her strong background in immunology to understanding the pathology and methods of treating neuroimmunological dysfunction, sometimes diagnosed as autism spectrum disorder. The scientific analysis and creativity that Dr. Sharma brings to her efforts to improve understanding and treatment in this area have proven both productive and inspiring to others.
— Maurice Zauderer, Ph.D. President & CEO, Vaccinex, Inc.