Your child has ASD. Now What?

Hearing that official diagnosis can be overwhelming and frightening. Perhaps you even find yourself grieving for the child you dreamed of having.

But you are not alone. And there is hope.

We can help. We have the compass to guide you.

Autism Spectrum GPS...

Developed by a Mom and Scientist who restored her own children's health.

We offer:

  • Holistic nutrition and wellness consulting
  • Environmental wellness consulting
  • Future pregnancy considerations
  • Auditory integration training through The Listening Program and Fast ForWord
  • Encouragement, direction, and support
  • Local seminars and workshops
  • Physician referrals

At last, the guidance you have been searching for...

Dr. Sharma gets it. As parents of autistic children, we are sitting ducks for anything that could possibly help our kids. In time, our vulnerability turns into skepticism. We don’t know who to trust and worry if someone is just trying to make a quick buck off of our fears and misery. Dr. Sharma is one of the good guys who would go to any length to help a child. I have watched her go above and beyond over and over again for multiple families. She is not in this to make money, but rather to change lives. Her immunology background and true understanding about how these illnesses work give her a unique perspective about what to do and what works best for your child. I only have the highest respect and admiration for all she does to make our children reach their highest potential.
— Marcia Hinds, Ryan’s mom and author of “I Know You’re In There—Our War with Autism”